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Services : Risk Management


Just as it is crucially important to properly assess and control the amount of risk that you accept in your investment portfolio, it is even more important to do in your day-to-day life. Accepting too much risk in your investment portfolio, and incurring the commensurate pain in a market downturn, might mean that your retirement is delayed by a few years. Failure to implement the proper amount of risk control in your day-to-day life can mean that you lose your home, that you lose the ability to control your own healthcare decisions as you age, or that your children or grandchildren don’t have the opportunity to attend the university that will best challenge and prepare them for the future.

CedarPoint's advisors will analyze your risk by reviewing the following:

  • Liability
  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Long Term Care

We will review your current situation and determine the areas of concern regarding various risks associated with being a business owner, individual and family.

We work closely with you, your attorney, and your preferred insurance providers, to limit and reduce your risk with insurance, and to develop legal strategies that can help to shield assets from creditors. Our goal is to make you fully aware of your risks, to help you analyze the cost-benefit relationship that accompanies the different strategies, and to ultimately help you decide as to whether or not you should act to implement specific risk management techniques.

While no one likes to pay premiums to insurance companies, ignoring risk is not a responsible manner in which to live. We firmly believe that risk management is an integral part of the wealth management process in the wealth accumulation (saving) phase, the wealth utilization (retirement income) phase, and sometimes the wealth transfer (estate distribution) phase. Let us show you how to better protect your family and your assets, within a reasonable cost structure, so that you sleep a bit more soundly each evening.