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Services : Financial Planning

CedarPoint understands the complex relationship between financial planning for your family and your business. We can help you with both.

1) Establish Relationship 2) Gather Information 3) Analyze 4) Develop Plan & Present 5) Implement 6) Monitor & Supervise


  • Retirement
  • Education Funding
  • Insurance
  • Estate Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Investment Management
  • Credit Facilities


  • Stock Option Planning
  • Business Succession
  • Real Estate Investment
  • Investment Management
  • Modeling Cash Flows

At CedarPoint Investment Advisors, Inc., financial planning is a holistic process that addresses every area of your financial life.

Our Financial Planning Process:

  • Establishing and defining the scope of the relationship (Establish)
    By setting clear and mutually agreed upon expectations each party should find the process to be more complete and enjoyable.
  • Gathering information (Gather)
    CedarPoint will gather any and all financial and non-financial information from the client it deems necessary to develop their own personal financial strategy document.
  • Analyze Current Financial Position (Analyze)
    CedarPoint will conduct a thorough analysis of the client’s current investment portfolio, financial goals, time horizons and risk tolerance.
  • Develop and present the financial plan (Develop)
    CedarPoint will prepare and present the plan to our client and ensure that the client understands the strategy.
  • Implementing the recommendations (Implement)
    CedarPoint works hard at the implementation phase which may include the coordination from client’s other advisors.
  • Monitoring and Supervision of Plan (Monitor)
    The client has the option of retaining CedarPoint to provide on-going supervision of the plan. This will be on a negotiated basis and will have a separate agreement specific to the request.