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Advice and Service

CedarPoint strives to be our client's "go to" advisor. Our advisors and staff have a high degree of knowledge and are prompt in responding to your needs.

Choice and Guidance

As advisors, it is our role to make you aware of all the choices available without any compensation bias. We strive to educate our clients fully so that they can make their own decisions and retain the greatest level of personal control over their situation. Utilizing an advisor should not equate into blind trust.

Depth and Breadth of Service

CedarPoint wants our clients to have complete comfort in our relationship so that they are comfortable discussing any and all topics ranging from their personal financial situation all the way down to their day-to-day challenges and joys.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

CedarPoint strives to be our client's Chief Financial Officer (CFO); we put all the client's resources together into one straightforward comprehensive financial plan. Voluminous binders and color graphs make for an impressive display, but the bottom line is that your financial plan needs to work for you.

Portfolio Management

CedarPoint's primary focus within our investment strategy is to help you select the most appropriate portfolio balance, focusing most directly on your personal risk/return preferences, and then striving to maintain that balance at all times. By utilizing best in class investments with the lowest reasonable cost structure, consistent re-balancing according to your strategic asset allocation guidelines, and aggressively managing the income tax ramifications of all actions to our greatest ability, we are able to give our clients tremendous value in a low cost structure.