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Stacking The Odds In Your Favor - Part 1 - Free Book to First 50 Responses

In today's investment environment the reality is that when it comes to investing, many individuals do not know which way to turn for trusted advice. Whether you are intimidated by the terminology, wary of recommendations due to conflicts of interest, or just feel like the odds are stacked against you, it is easy to become confused and uncertain about how to make smart financial decisions.

CedarPoint Investment Advisors, Inc., an SEC registered investment advisory firm, focuses on all aspects of our clients' financial lives. Our goal is simple, to become your family's personal CFO (Chief Financial Officer). One very important aspect that we provide to our clients is managing their investment portfolios. This article addresses the important decisions that each investor needs to make, thus making the markets your ally, not your adversary.

As a patient and disciplined investor, with a long time horizon, you need to answer the following to have a successful and enjoyable experience:

  1. Do It Yourself?
    • Do you have the time?
    • Are you emotionally ready for volatile times?
    • Do you have the knowledge or interest to put a complete financial plan together that takes into account both sides of your balance sheet?
  2. Asset Allocation?
    • How do you allocate between stocks, bonds and cash instruments?
    • How do you decrease/increase risk as your situation changes?
  3. Diversification?
    • Which specific asset classes (Large Cap, International, Real Estate, etc.) will you include in your portfolio?
    • What is the risk with each asset class and the portfolio as a whole?
  4. Active or Passive Investments?
    • Do you believe that mutual fund managers can "outsmart" the markets, or do you prefer utilizing tax efficient, low cost options that provide market returns?
  5. Re-balancing?
    • Do you periodically sell specific assets that have outgrown their targeted allocation and systematically re-purchase into the under performing asset classes?

Each one of these decisions has a major impact on your overall investment experience. Now is the time to become an Investor rather than a Speculator.

CedarPoint will give you all the data and information for you to make informed, proactive decisions based upon your specific individual situation. Analyzing the potential impacts prior to making your decision will provide you with a powerful arrow in your quiver, thereby eliminating much of the uncertainty of what to do with your money.

If the overall concepts in this e-mail resonate with your thinking we would encourage you to read "The Investment Answer" by Daniel C. Goldie & Gordon S. Murray which explains each one of these decisions greater detail. CedarPoint Investment Advisors will give the first 50 people complimentary copies of this book by simply e-mailing your contact information to Dan@CedarPointInvestments.com.

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CedarPoint Investment Advisors, Inc., an SEC Registered Investment Advisory Firm, emphasizes the importance of having other advisors. We are not practicing accountants or attorneys, and there will be times that the input of other qualified advisors of this type will be absolutely critical to analyze your specific situation. Some of the material in this report may be directly or indirectly based upon generally accepted tax principles. These underlying principles and premises are always subject to change. For these reasons independent tax and legal counsel are suggested. Past performance is no indication of future results.

Additionally the content in the report is obtained from a trusted source. CedarPoint Investment Advisors makes every attempt to verify the validity of the content but cannot be held responsible for any mistakes, misleading statements, and/or incorrect data.