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Robert T. Dignan

Robert T. Dignan, CFP®, AIF®

Bob is fond of saying, "Success in life is about the way you hit the curveballs." At CedarPoint, we realize that our industry is capable of throwing everything but the kitchen sink at investors! Winning the game isn't about swinging at every pitch. It's learning how to stay focused, strategically respond as necessary, keep your eye on the home run fence, and your life priorities and goals.

Bob's successful career path demonstrates the benefit of being able to "think outside the box" when life throws us a curve ball. Most people that know him are well aware that he is proud graduate of the University of Wisconsin, but few realize that he opted to forego the traditional business school route, and instead graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in the field of Natural Resource Management. What started out as a fairly routine path to an anticipated MBA quickly became something much more interesting, and got him thinking well outside of the box at a critical point in his development.

As important as that college degree was, it paled in comparison to the real world experience that Bob gained in his five-year stint with TREK Bicycle immediately upon graduation. During his tenure at the world's premiere bicycle manufacturer, he was exposed to a customer service mentality that is nearly unrivalled in any industry. Being granted a first-hand opportunity to watch a company flourish by employing the philosophy of delivering the best customer service experience at every single opportunity reinforced the belief that there was business success to be had by simply following the Golden Rule.

Now, with nearly two decades of service in the world of investments and financial planning, and the addition of the prestigious Certified Financial Planner™ designation in 2008, we believe that Bob brings the ability to balance the best of the "hard core number-cruncher" and the "small town pragmatist" to every single client planning engagement.

From Bob's perspective, whether it's the clients that CedarPoint serves or the team members that take exceptional care of our clients, when you arrive at CedarPoint you become family. As such, Bob has always been extremely opinionated about the fact that CedarPoint must be committed to only accepting "new family members" that we respect and enjoy as people. This doesn't mean that CedarPoint accepts people based upon asset size or past success, but instead based upon their commitment to make proactive improvements in their lives, and their treatment of others.

On a Personal Note:
When not attending to his "CedarPoint family," Bob and wife, Christine, are usually found chasing their three children all over the Midwest. Whether it's sitting in the audience watching the kids in a community theatre or band performance, scouting for his daughter's FIRST FTC Robotics team, or bouncing like a five year old on the sidelines of a Cross Country race, you'll notice that he has a very hard time sitting still. Thankfully, he is able to get out for long bike rides or trail runs on the hilly paths of the Kettle Moraine, which keeps him from bouncing around the office and annoying the rest of the CedarPoint team.

Daniel W. Wilson

Daniel W. Wilson, CFP®

Dan's philosophy in life is simple: Stop worrying about the things in life you can't control, and start focusing on those you can! Dan's 20 years of experience in the industry taught him that the clients' experience is the most important factor under a firm's control. He often says to clients, "You can't control or predict the stock market, the occurrence of a mortgage crisis, or tax law changes, but you can control your costs, your discipline, and diversification." CedarPoint is built on those guiding premises, and the joint success of the firm and its clients shows the benefit of that approach to wealth management.

Dan considers his biggest strengths to be problem solving and compassion – working hard to create the balance between the hard facts and the emotional factors involved in people's finances. He co-manages the CedarPoint team and leads by example, providing top-notch service that culminates into long-lasting relationships, something he takes great pride and joy in doing.

Dan's first financial services post was working for a regional brokerage firm as a financial consultant, quickly learning that the commission-driven business model was not for him. After two years, he moved to the largest Private Client group in the world, eventually managing the multi discipline team of advisors for the Madison office. After a decade of investment management experience, he decided to start his own firm with his current business partner, Bob Dignan.

Dan has expertise in financial planning, money management, and overall estate planning. He is responsible for overseeing the firm's clients with respect to their financial plans and investment management, as well as the on-going client service.

Dan earned his Bachelor of Science from the University of Wisconsin – Stout and has earned the prestigious CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® designation. Dan was among the 150 advisers nationwide who were recognized as being one of the "2010 Best Financial Advisers for Doctors" and again in the 2011 by Medical Economics©.

On a Personal Note:
Dan, and his wife Traci, enjoy their three children--who are extremely active in music/arts and sports, so they are always on the run with dog Charlie in tow! It makes sense that Dan's natural instinct to help, his sense of humor, and constant enthusiasm motivates him to occasionally coach his kid's teams, with results that can be best classified as mixed! When not chauffeuring kids around, Dan and Traci have a strong affinity for great food (foodies!) and have been known to enjoy a good craft beer every now and then, especially after a day of running around!

Naomi Ackley

Anna Jaeger, CFP®

Anna joined the CedarPoint team after graduating Magna Cum Laude from the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater with a degree in Finance, an emphasis in Financial Planning, and a minor in Music. (She won't tell you this, but she was one of only 16 students in her class to graduate with University Honors!) After a positive internship position during college with CedarPoint, she joined the firm after graduation, and is enjoying every opportunity to learn and grow in the industry. We feel fortunate to have her as part of our team.

Anna spent her first year at CedarPoint as Operations Manager, devoting most of her time to ensuring the efficient management of each client's investment portfolio. This included the movement and allocation of funds, the preparation of necessary paperwork, and assisting the advisors in the financial planning process. After passing the CFP® certification in July 2014, Anna joined the ranks of the investment advisors at CedarPoint.

Anna provides CedarPoint with enthusiasm, a fresh perspective, and a passion for life-long learning. She considers her biggest strengths to be consistency and attention to detail, ensuring that every task is completed with the same high standards held by every member of the CedarPoint team.

On a Personal Note:
Anna enjoys almost any activity outdoors, especially camping and hiking. Being somewhat new to the Delafield area, she is having fun exploring the area's numerous nature trails, lakes, and campgrounds. In addition, she anxiously awaits each spring, when she heads up north to help her family and friends make maple syrup..

Naomi Ackley

Naomi Ackley -
Chief Compliance Officer & Operations Manager

Naomi is generally the first voice you hear when you call our office and is the glue that holds our firm together. Throughout her career, the driving force behind her success is her ongoing thirst for knowledge. She keeps Dan and Bob on their toes ~ ask them how many questions she asks on a daily basis! This passion is one of the reasons that our firm has a mindset of continual improvement and excellence.

Naomi considers her biggest strength to be her ability to multitask – making her an integral asset to the firm. She also is extremely detail-oriented, enabling the firm to achieve its goals through the creation and implementation of quality systems, processes, and procedures.

Naomi currently holds her Series 65 Securities License and a Bachelor of Business Administration (Summa Cum Laude) from Northwood University. Prior to joining CedarPoint, Naomi worked for a startup company in their administration department. This position offered varied responsibilities including team collaboration in ISO 27001 business practices, policies, and procedures, as well as international business, payroll, insurance, and finance. Naomi brings real world knowledge and experience in organization, process development, and excellent customer service to CedarPoint!

On a Personal Note:
Naomi enjoys spending time with her husband, Glen, her two daughters, and rather large extended family. She is an avid reader who enjoys knitting and exploring the many bike trails of Kettle Moraine.