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About Us : The CedarPoint Advantage

As a truly independent Registered Investment Advisors (RIA) firm, CedarPoint provides clients with a number of important benefits:

  • Greater Independence – We are not owned or under the control of any brokerage firm or institution with proprietary in-house products and services to sell. While some might view a smaller firm as being less attractive, the undeniable fact is that our complete independence enables us to provide our clients with objective guidance about which strategies and investments will best meet their specific needs.
  • Interests Aligned With Yours – Our compensation is based upon a percentage of assets under management, so our success is directly linked to that of our clients.
  • Accountability and Focus – As an RIA firm, we are registered with the SEC and regulated by the Investment Advisors Act of 1940 – and thus have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of our clients. Common sense should tell you that this is the right way to run a company, but it sure does improve one’s peace of mind when the law reinforces that idea. Please note that being registered with the SEC in no way implies the SEC has passed or approved upon CedarPoint, or verified CedarPoint and its services.
  • Experience and Qualifications – The professionals at CedarPoint Investment Advisors bring proven expertise to every client relationship that backed by industry credentials. And when we don’t have the technical expertise to address a subject, we welcome the direct input from your other trusted advisor (CPA, Attorney, etc.) as it provides us the greatest opportunity to develop the most effective solution possible. Professional advisors should never fear the input of other talented professionals, unless they have failed to do their homework.

At CedarPoint Investment Advisors, we work with enough to numbers to know that you deserve not to be treated like one.